3 11 2012

Interesting read from a game designer who attended Essen Spiel 2012.

The Opinionated Gamers

„Most of the public doesn’t know the other side of Essen,“ reflected Michael as he, Bernd and I compared our own conversations with those we’d had with other fair attendees.  Bernd was managing his Irongames booth again, content to sell remaining stock of his previous releases along with some new expansions for those games.  Michael was collecting games from publishers for the library at his Spielwiese gaming cafe.  And I was rolling  my carry-on suitcase full of prototypes through the crowds from one appointment with publishers to the other.

There really are two sides to the fair, and it is difficult to experience each one equally.  Last year was my first time here, and I chose to see it from the perspective of an attendee.  I had a great time bumping into well-known game designers, meeting many gaming jounalists and bloggers for the first time, and seeing friends from other…

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10 05 2013

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