leider / malheureusement / desafortunadamente

8 11 2012

This post is a brief Unfortunate-fortunate-unfortunate sandwich.

1) Unfortunately, due to late work, etc, we couldn’t make our regular Thursday boardgame evening with the Saltdean/Seaford group 😦

2) Fortunately, my wife suggested a game of something to keep us going! We decided on Ted Alspach’s Suburbia. Yippee!

3) Unfortunately, she won by a massive score! I think I know where I went wrong but will post details of the session soon.

Ps: it feels like a great game and fits 2 players very well! But, like I say, more soon!





3 responses

13 04 2014
Suburbia | Midnight Corner

[…] leider / malheureusement / desafortunadamente […]

19 05 2014

Board games are cool 🙂 thanks 🙂

27 05 2014

Love board games as much as i love papa’s freezeria game this one looks cool btw ,gotta try it

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