Boardgaming Memories…… First month of Boardgame Club

9 08 2015

I’ve just rediscovered a Geeklist I made back in 2008 on BoardGameGeek, tracking my first games played after joining Brighton Boardgame Club. Unfortunately, we can no longer attend the club due to time commitments, but it’s been great reading back on my comments as I began to get into the world of strategy board games which Gamleys, Woolworths and Toys ‘r’ Us had prevented us from seeing.

Here’s the Geeklist. Despite naively thinking they wouldn’t, my thoughts on Catan certainly have changed! Exposure to many, many more games since then certainly opens the eyes!


Recent purchases

5 08 2015

Our recent trip to France resulted in an ad hoc visit to a fantastic game shop in Tours: La Règle De Jeu.

The shop was kitted out with so many games it was difficult to know where to start. Unfortunately, time wasn’t on our side as this was a short stop, so we didn’t dither quite as much as usual. 

Before I continue, I would also like to say that the game shop owners not only were accommodating in terms of putting up with my mangled Français, but also by allowing us to bring our miniature schnauzer, Essen, inside. Naturally, I carried him all the time we were browsing. Many thanks to the staff. 

We only bought one game there, but would have gone for more had we not, no more than a couple of hours prior, bought 3 more in a generic toy store (the name of which escapes me).

The items we purchased were, in no deliberate particular order:

Le Fantôme De L’Opéra

The Boss

Mr Jack Pocket

Jungle Speed 20 Year Anniversary Edition

Reviews to come, but we have enjoyed Mr Jack Pocket many times already. Which I’m sure could be misconstrued. 

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